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At the 69th Atlanta Men's Workshop March 2016
Speakers: Chip T. Hunter D. JJ B - "The Spiritual Journey" John H. "Overcoming Adversity Through The Steps" Paul B. Randy H. - ... more info
Speakers: Andrew C. Bart & Spencer B. Benjie W. - "Monogamous Relationships" Keith D. - His Story Paul McK. Rusty W. - His Story Scotty ... more info
Speakers: Alexander K. Chris P. & Kevin D. Christian P. - His Story Frank P. John C. Wallace B. - His Story Wallace B. - Taking AA Behind Bars ... more info
Speakers: Bart B. & Luther B. - Hep C Joe C. - His Story Jule L. - Magic & Power of the Steps Leroy M. - His Story Martin A. - His Story ... more info
Art H. - Recipe for Daily Reprieve Bill S. - How Big is Your God Brian C. - Magic & Power Doc R. - His Story Gregg L. - Magic & Power Jeff V. ... more info
Harry O'B. - His Story John D. - HIs Story Lanier L. - His Story Passing it On - 12th Step Ronnie D. - Magic of the Steps Chris J. - Magic of the ... more info
Art, Dave & Tom Clif, Jimmy & Bill Kevin P Rocky O'F Roger H Steve T Wayne J
An Alcoholic in Your Life - Jack C. & Bo T. Karl M. - His Story Jack C. - Alanon Blake B. - Magic & Power of the Steps Javier E. - Magic& ... more info
Alexander K - His Story Hollis D - His Story Father Ed M. - "Jump Johnny Jump" Robert B - His Story Sponsorship - Chris J & Kevin D Art ... more info
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