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Bill Wilson, one of the founders of AA talks about the early history of our society. Recorded in 1951.

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Remastered and transfered to CD and MP3 this 8 recordings set goes back to the early days of AA. Hear what Bill Wilson thought about Singleness of ... more info

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Reads "How It Works" from page 58 in the Big Book What better way to open your meeting or convention than to have one of our founders read ... more info
From the 1955 International Convention, St. Louis, MO.
Bill Wilson Group Responsibility Ft Worth TX 1954

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Bill talks about an AA Groups Responsibility from Ft. Worth Texas, 1954
Bill Wilson discusses the early days of AA.
Bill Wilson explains Gratitude in Recovery.
Bill Wilson talks about AA's early days of recovery.
Bill Wilson explains how gratitude is one of the keys to sobriety.
Speakers from the Blairsville 515 Recovery Group Volume 1 Tom S. Blairsville GA Dave P. - Murphy NC Medora M. - Blairsville GA Mike Y. Blairsville GA ... more info
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